Trust is our Cornerstone

Progressive client-centric strategy

Our client-focused origins are rooted in self-experience. Having once been at the mercy of unscrupulous property managers and investors, we’ve learned what real clients deserve. Approachability. Accountability. Real results.

And Most importantly: Honesty.

After all, we’re in this together. That means every property, investment, and opportunity that comes our way is treated as if it were our own. Thoroughly qualifying properties, managing tenant relationships, and maintaining superior standards are just the beginning of the custom-tailored services we’ve offered for over the past 15 years.

Arie Abadi
REBNY Certified

Experience and rationality are Arie’s guiding principles when advising clients. Having worked for both small and large firms at every rung in the divisional ladder, Arie approaches each project with unmatched specificity and an awareness of how to realistically maximize ROI.


Over the past 10 years, Arie has presided over one of the nation’s most prestigious real estate organizations. Acting as the company’s primary liaison and real estate advisor, Arie spearheaded all international sales and transactions for Europe and Latin America.


Regarded by his peers as a client-first manager, Arie is renowned for offering sound investment advice and yielding 50% returns within a year. Whether it’s simple transactions or elaborate buyouts, Arie’s proven track record serves as a point of comfort for each of his clients.

Asher Abadi
South Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker

Founder at OneCore Realty, hails from a lineage with vast real estate experience. His grandfather (and mentor) broke ground by successfully investing and developing properties in Colombia. By being exposed to the industry at an early age, Asher devel- oped a keen sense for anticipating project requirements. He spent the last eight years fine-tuning his grandfather’s process, and today is regarded as one of South Florida’s most-esteemed real estate professionals.


Throughout his career, Asher would take time to specialize in intangible skills. His greatest strengths to date include under- standing his client’s needs and presenting unique opportunities custom-tailored to their specific goals. By taking pride in his work, Asher forgoes one-time transactions in favor of long-term, mutually-enriching relationships that benefit all parties involved.